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Air Quality System

air filter system services san mateoWe often breathe without even taking much notice. But, if your indoor air quality’s not as great as it could be, it have a negative effect on your health. No joke.


Think about it this way: have you ever been mad and had to bite your tongue to keep from saying something you might later regret? Yeah…that’s called a “filter.” It keeps the toxicity to a minimum and helps prevent unpleasant immediate and future consequences. That’s also why we filter our water, put screens on our windows in the summer and capture lint in our dryers. We also need to consider how best to filter indoor air.


Using the most appropriate air filtration prducts for ideal indoor air quality in the Bay area helps reduce pollutants and particles out of the air in your home.


100 percent guarantee smallWe offer several options to help filter your air. They range from HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration—which hospitals use because of the high level of air quality they produce, down to basic filters that need to be replaced every month:


    •     Air Cleaners/Purifiers
    •     HEPA Filters
    •     Media Air Cleaners
    •     Electronic Air Cleaners
    •     Basic Air Cleaners
    •     Air Filter MERV Ratings


It might be overwhelming to try to determine which filter is the best for your home and how much you should spend on an air filter in the Bay area. Let JC Appliance Repair in Bay area help you. Our knowledgeable and NATE-certified technicians can give you more information and go into detail on the wide array of air filtration options available in San Mateo and Surrounding areas. Make sure you are enjoying the best indoor air quality possible.


Give us a call at 650-444-5210 to hear more about air filtration products in San Mateo County or to schedule an appointment.


Okay, now take a deep breath. Now breathe out. Makes you kinda happy, right?

Obviously we do this all the time to cycle out the old air and bring in new air. But were you aware that your home needs the same type of circulation for a similar reason: to keep it free of airborne contaminants?


In-home air ventilation products replace poor air for fresh air. Ventilation keeps things moving, allowing circulation of indoor air that keeps it from becoming stagnant. As plain and simple as it sounds, it’s really important! Experts estimate there are more than 300 chemicals used in those lovely home furnishings you’ve collected, from paints and finishes to carpets, wood flooring, insulation and furniture. You kept your receipts, right?


ventilation services san mateoFor you new-homebuyers out there, you are not exempt: new and remodeled homes are more tightly sealed for energy efficiency. That means a reduced amount of airflow, less circulation, and reduced movement. Indoor air can become stagnant , and contaminants are confined in your home. Yeah…be a downer, but it’s really important to find a fix. That’s called ventilation happiness, and JC Appliance Repair Experts Heating & Air Conditioning in San Mateo feels the same way.


Here’s a solution: let our technicians install an air ventilation system—like our Heat Recovery Ventilator, which moves humidity outdoors, and retains heat from indoor air before it’s discharged. This system and others monitor indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, and then supplies the required air replacement continuously. Such systems are incredibly efficient, adding 5% to 10% more fresh air every hour, essentially reducing the concentration of airborne contaminants.

100 percent guarantee small

Help is available, so call JC Appliance Repair Experts in San Mateo today at 650-444-5210. Our technicians will get your home in the Bay area fit with our ventilation products Service Experts style, so you and your home can breathe better. You’ll benefit from quality equipment choices, knowledge and expert service—for all makes and models, 24 hours a day.




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Duct Work

ductwork services san mateoDucts in heating and air conditioning systems or combined HVAC systems can become damaged over time. These systems become damaged due to ordinary wear and tear, dust, debris and other environmental factors. They also may not be providing you with the airflow that is needed to keep your home or office comfortable.


JC Appliance Repair technicians are the premier ducting replacement specialists in Bay area. Whether you need your existing ducts evaluated for damage, require maintenance and cleaning of your existing ducts, or they require complete replac100 percent guarantee smallement, we can help.


Contact JC Appliance Repair today and let us send a team of ducting specialists to your home or office and evaluate your current ducting system. We can help you determine if a thorough cleaning of your system will improve the efficiency of your system or if ducting replacement is warranted.





Ductworks Services in San Mateo, Santa Clara & San Francisco Counties


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zoning services san mateoDo you have trouble finding that sweet spot—the perfect temperature that keeps your family (and your wallet) happy?

Consider another approach that provides you with the flexibility to meet all your heating and cooling needs. A Whole-home Zoning System divides your living space into separate comfort areas and lets you to heat and cool areas of the home to match your use. For example, a dining room with large windows may stay too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. A home zoning system will disperse more conditioned air to the living room to offset the heat gained or lost through the windows.


How Will a Home Zoning System Work for Me?

Today’s families have different lifestyles and comfort needs. Another benefit is that zoned systems could help reduce your heating and cooling costs in the Bay area. These are just a few examples of why a home zoning system may be right for you.

If you have:


  •     A home office that could use extra conditioning during the day and none at night.
  •     A guest bedroom that is only used when guests visit.
  •     A hobby room, music studio or wine cellar, which requires strict temperature control.


100 percent guarantee smallHome zoning systems alleviate the most frequent problems we see in San Mateo County, hot and cold rooms that do not get to the right temperature.

Whether you are building a new home or doing research to replace your currnet air conditioner, furnace or heat pump, or just want to adjust the temperature in certain rooms, consider checking out the advantages of installing a zoning system. It could make the difference between just enjoying your home and being truly comfortable in it.


San Mateo at 650-444-5210 to chat about the benefits of a home zoning system!



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Commercial Heating

commercial heating services san mateoWhen your business’s heating system is in need of repair, it’s important that you find a qualified HVAC contractor to repair it. JC Appliance Repair has been providing heating and cooling service in San Mateo for more than 15 years, and our team is dedicated to providing all of our customers with exceptional service. If you want to keep your building warm and cozy during the cold winter months, we can provide you with the heating installation, maintenance and repair services you need. We offer 24-hour service seven days a week, so you never have to worry about being caught off-guard by an unexpected heating emergency.



If you want to learn how to keep a commercial space or office building warm, it’s important that you understand how the heating needs of those spaces differ from those of residential spaces. Here are some of the chief differences between these systems:


    More space. Size is the most obvious difference. Office buildings and commercial buildings tend to be larger than homes, which means that it requires a greater amount of energy in order to keep them heated. If your heating unit isn’t the correct size, it won’t be able to provide adequate heating.

    Different divisions. Offices and commercial spaces are also spatially different than homes, with cubicles and large, open spaces that can be difficult to keep warm. Choosing the right kind of heating system is essential for keeping your commercial space well-heated.

    Location of heater. Many commercial buildings keep their heating systems on their rooftops, as opposed to residential homes, where split systems are more common.



Routine heating maintenance can help guard against creeping energy bills, uneven heating, and frequent repairs. Having a furnace that is working at full capacity will make it easier for you to heat your building, and it can also help to extend the life of your HVAC system. It can also help ensure that your indoor air stays clean and free of contaminants.


If your office building’s heating system is in need of professional attention, JC Appliance Repair can provide you with the expert heating installation and repair services you are looking for. Our technicians have extensive experience working with commercial heating systems, and we can install, repair, or replace furnaces as needed. We work with all of the major HVAC brands, and we are proud to back up each and every repair we perform with a full guarantee.



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thermostat replacement services san mateoSince your thermostat controls your entire heating or air conditioning system, a failure can result in discomfort for your entire family. Like other parts of your furnace, your thermostat has several working parts that can deteriorate over time and need repair or replacement. When you have a heating or air conditioning problem the first thing we will check is your thermostat when beginning our diagnostics. You can save hundreds of dollars a year with a properly running thermostat.


At JC Appliance Repair we will evaluate your system completely and if your thermostat can be repaired, we will be able to repair it properly. If we determine the thermostat needs replacing, we can take care of that for you as well. With many new advances in technology you now have several options 100 percent guarantee smallwhen replacing your thermostat. Often times, business owners and homeowners discover that an upgraded thermostat saves energy and money in the long run.


At JC Appliance Repair we can replace your thermostat expertly and cost effectively, helping you determine which system is best for your individual needs. Regardless of where your home or business is located, we have technicians available in San Mateo, Santa Clara and San Franciscio Counties.



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