dryers-repair-services-san-mateoAre your clothes still wet after a drying cycle?

If your gas or electric clothes dryer stopped working, doesn't dry your clothes, or takes too long to dry, it's time to call a pro.

There are many reasons a dryer can stop working properly. One of which is improper airflow. Many times lint can collect inside the dryer vent, often because it is too long, bent or kinked. In order for your clothes to dry adequately, and in a reasonable amount of time, fresh air has to get to the unit.

At JC Appliance Repair, we have trained specialists who can diagnose the problem and repair it, regardless of the make or model of your dryer.

San Mateo County Dryer Repair Services

Our technicians can even show you preventative maintenance techniques that can help you keep your dryer running safely and efficiently.

Nowadays, you can repair your appliances by calling our professional Peninsula and South Bay Area appliance service. For professional, prompt dryer repair in San Mateo, contact us today.



Dryer Repair Services in San Mateo, Santa Clara & San Francisco Counties


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