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Your comfort counts and that goes the same for your commercial space as it does your residential one. So for your Bay area commercial air conditioning service work needs, give our crew at JC Appliance Repair a call. Since 2000 we have been the name to trust in for this type of work because our experience in this field predates this. We have the training, skills, knowledge and hands on experience to get the job done.


commercial air conditioning repair services san mateoThe needs of commercial businesses are often different than your average residential customer. At JC Appliance Repair we understand that. We know what it takes to get the job done for all types of service calls, residential or commercial.


We maintain a close working relationship with major suppliers so we are always able to obtain the necessary parts to complete the job in a prompt and professional manner. Our goal is to keep your system up and running or get it back in a functional state as quickly as possible in order to prevent any disruptions to your day. Let us be the team you trust in to keep your heating and cooling in fully operational mode, at all times.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs

If your cooling system goes on the fritz then you could end up being severely impacted. Not only does this make things uncomfortable for your staff and customers, it could cause you to need to shut the business down until the problem is fixed. This can end up costing you a great deal of money in lost revenue on top of the repair or replacement expenses.


Let the JC Appliance Repair crew help prevent this from happening by taking care of your professional service needs including AC repairs and tune-ups. But if the need for repairs should arise then you can give our Peninsula air conditioning contractors a call. Any time of day or night, just know that we have got your back.

Commercial HVAC Services in the Bay Area

Although the business started in 2000 you can feel confident knowing the JC Appliance Repair team 100 percent guarantee smallbrings with it over seven decades of combined experience. Our production management is present on every job site to make sure the work progression stays on track for time and within the budget. We are available to take care of a variety of necessary services in order to keep your HVAC fully functional.


Let us help you keep your business running smoothly by starting with your regularly scheduled maintenance and tune-ups today. And if something does go wrong and you need unexpected service work or repairs, we will be there for you too. Call us now to find out more about the Peninsula & Bay area commercial air conditioning work we can do for you.


Commercial Air Conditioning Services in San Mateo, Santa Clara & San Francisco Counties


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evaporator coil repair services san mateoYour air conditioner is composed of many different parts that work together to provide you with quality cooling. Trust JC Appliance Repair to be your new favorite contractor for any evaporator coil system cleaning and repair services. Reach us at (650) 444-5210 for same day services.


In the life of an air conditioner, most homeowners will experience a problem or two. What they don't know is that the evaporator coil is just as important as any other part on the unit. This coil absorbs heat from air that passes over it and converts it into cool air. This small part has a surprisingly big job to do, and it should therefore be well taken care of.


We are equipped with top of the line supplies that are necessary for repairing and installing evaporator coils. Our team of specialists have years of experience and training in dealing with cooling and heating systems. Don’t wait any longer and allow us to perform all of your Dundalk evaporator coil services.


What are the benefits of timely repair or replacement?

Repairing your evaporator coil as soon as it causes problems prevents it from becoming worse and needing a replacement. Though many homeowners hesitate to have small things like this repaired, it saves them money in the long run by keeping replacement costs low.

Secondly, an evaporator coil that is in working order keeps your home much cooler and more comfortable. Lastly, if the coil is failing, the air conditioner will continue to work but use more and more energy. Keep energy costs low by repairing this essential part of your AC unit.

100 percent guarantee smallWhat are some common problems associated with evaporator coils?

Unfortunately, problems do exist that are specific to evaporator coils. For one, they can become dirty due to their exposure to dust and dirt. For another, moisture can collect on the coil as condensate water. This often occurs because warm outside air meets the cool temperature of the coil; moist coils often attract mold and bacteria.

One more problem common to evaporator coils is that they sometimes become frozen. This puts extra strain on your air conditioning unit and can even cause it to stop working altogether. Fortunately, all of these problems are repairable to get your unit back to its original state of high performance.

What are some easy maintenance steps to help prevent problems in the future?

Luckily, there are some ways for the savvy homeowner to prevent problems from occurring with evaporator coils. The easiest step to take is to have your air conditioning unit serviced yearly. This provides a checkpoint for any potential problems that need repair before starting the summer season. You can also keep the coil clean by removing any debris that may come into contact with your unit.


A third way a homeowner can prevent any problems from occurring is to regularly check the coil to make sure it looks clean and dry. Being aware of what's going on with your air conditioning system is a big step towards a healthy and long-lasting unit.


If you are having problems with you evaporator coil or any other aspect of cooling, call us at (650) 444-5210. Our extensive experience as cooling specialists has lent us the knowledge to repair any make or model of air conditioner.



Evaporator Coil Repair in San Mateo, Santa Clara & San Francisco Counties


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air conditioning emergency services san mateoEmergency AC Repairs

There is nothing worse than awakening to realize your air conditioning is not working, in the middle of the night. There are plenty of red flags that indicate you need San Mateo Repair emergency AC repairs even before a complete breakdown. Some of these include but are not limited to:


Tripping the circuit breaker – If your AC system has started to be the culprit behind tripping the circuit breaker then you need to have your system looked at. This often means there is a problem with the electrical system and this could be a more serious problem than just no cool air.

Loud or unusual sounds – Strange noises are often a clue that something is wrong. Humming, whirring, hissing or screeching are some of the more common noises. But any noise that is not the norm for your system should probably prompt you to call the pros.

Ice along coil – There are a number of reasons this may happen but all of them generally mean your AC needs help.

100 percent guarantee small


Emergency HVAC Service in the Peninsula

Don’t take chances when it comes to your cooling system. And if you need San Mateo emergency AC service give the pros at JC Appliance Repair a call. We are there for you 24/7 for the best in professional service.




Air Conditining Emergency Services in San Mateo, Santa Clara & San Francisco Counties


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air conditioning maintenance services san mateoAir conditioner maintenance for your home is very similar to maintenance on a car. You don’t realize how much it makes a difference until you’ve had some work done. Setting up routine AC maintenance with JC Appliance Repair in San Mateo not only will keep your system performing at a superior level, but it will actually save you money year after year. By increasing your system’s efficiency you will take advantage of the benefits by reaching levels of comfort you didn’t know existed.


Scheduling regular AC maintenance also reduces your energy bill and helps prevent repairs caused by unmaintained systems. You don’t necessarily have to enjoy AC maintenance, but we’re pretty sure you enjoy more savings, and when you have a system performing at its best you’re guaranteed to save yourself money. And what’s better than being comfortable while saving money?


100 percent guarantee smallWhether you need basic air conditioning services like a routine inspection or would like to set up a long-term maintenance plan, the specialists in San Mateo County are eager to help you begin the process.


Take a look at our Maintenance Plans to determine which AC maintenance plan is best for you, or call 650-444-5510 to schedule a time to have a technician from JC Appliance Repair in San Mateo come and give your air conditioner a tune-up.



Air Conditioning Maintenance in San Mateo, Santa Clara & San Francisco Counties


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air conditioning installation services san mateoContrary to what our name may suggest, we are more than just expert AC repair service. We’ve got a wide variety of air conditioners to take your home’s comfort to levels you never thought possible. Oh, we offer expert heating and cooling equipment installation services as well.

Air Conditioner Replacement

We know you’ve developed an affinity for your air conditioner, but sometimes it’s best for both parties to go their separate ways. Not only will your replacement air conditioner run more efficiently, it will continuously save you money because of its higher energy efficiency.


100 percent guarantee smallExpert AC Installation

So you’re probably wondering how we can get away with deeming ourselves “experts,” right? Well, frankly, our technicians have the training and experience to allow us to do that. When our highly skilled professionals are at your home, you can be assured they’ll not only install your new air conditioning system set for optimal operation, they will leave your home and yard in the same condition as when they arrived. Beyond that, you’ll know you are dealing with a professional, fully licensed, bonded and insured company.

We’re so confident that we have the best people on the job that we also provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our primary goal is your comfort, which is why we demand so much from our technicians in the bay area.

If you’d like more information and a free estimate, please give us a call at 650-444-5210.


Air Conditioning Installation in San Mateo, Santa Clara & San Francisco Counties


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air conditioning repair services san mateoYou can almost always expect it. Just as summer rears its head and the temperature and the humidity become more intense, your air conditioning system lets you down. As the days get longer and the mercury rises, it becomes apparent that your air conditioning system took an early vacation. If you find yourself in this unlucky situation, don’t sweat it — call JC Appliance Repair. We are the leader in air conditioning repair services for Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Francisco Counties.


JC Appliance Repair provides speedy, reliable air conditioning repair services that will help you take the edge off of the summer heat. JC air conditioning technicians can diagnose and repair any type of air conditioning system- any make, and any model. We not only repair air conditioning systems, we also provide preventative maintenance that will prolong the life of your air conditioner, improve its performance and help it run more efficiently and economically.


100 percent guarantee smallOur air conditioning professionals can also help you replace your existing air conditioning system with a new energy-efficient air conditioning system that will be provide superior cooling and comfort and save your money. Our knowledge of air conditioning systems and equipment is unmatched. We service both contemporary and traditional styled homes.


We service air conditioning systems in a wide range of sizes, so no matter how big or small your system or home is.



Air Conditioning Repair Services in San Mateo, Santa Clara & San Francisco Counties


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